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Would you like to change the way you look and feel so that you can feel more confident and take back control of your life again?


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When life gets busy, the first thing I’ve experienced in the past is losing sight of my health.


Everything else in life takes priority, meaning you can’t fully look after yourself.


Chasing that job promotion, traveling with work, the marriage, the kids…


And your own health & fitness gets left at the bottom of the pile.

Before you know it, 5-10 years have passed and suddenly you’re not happy with how you look, you struggle with low energy every day, and the old you seem like a distant memory.


Sound familiar?


But at some point, you have to draw a line in the sand and take back control!


Because there isn’t one area of your life that won’t be improved when you take back control and start optimizing your health.


You’ll regain 10 years of youth, start sleeping better, more energy with the kids, less brain fog at work and you can fit back into those expensive designer clothes you once bought.


Now you can try to do all this on your own if you want to.

How many times have you said to yourself I'm going to do it? I'm going to do it?


But the fear of change stopped you from getting started.

Or the trial and error trying to find the right solution just made things worse.


So If you're finding it difficult to get motivated.


Starting from scratch.


Would like to feel more confident


More attractive


More energy


Perhaps you don't feel comfortable in a gym.

Apply below to see if we could possibly help you.

"I have always really struggled to lose weight, especially around the stomach area.

For many years I have had issues with poor body image,

constant dieting, poor self-confidence, and emotional eating.
In fact, my confidence and motivation were so low that I didn’t even dare take my clothes off in front of anybody or go swimming with my kids because it just felt awkward to me and I felt flabby everywhere.

I would eat when I was tired,

I’d eat when I was stressed, hormonal.

I knew how to diet, but the results never lasted.

But I never previously understood why I used food as an emotional crutch.

Why I kept on falling off the wagon time and time again.

So when I spotted the program I knew it was my time to get myself together before things get worse.


And I must say.


the whole team Leon, Debbie, Lucy, and Monica have been absolutely amazing so far on my journey!!


And I am absolutely loving the results.


I’m only halfway through my program but I’ve lost nearly 15 lbs and I am becoming much more healthier and happier!!


They really took their time to understand ME and my issues.


I have a much better relationship with my foods,


And the workouts have helped me tone up and have increased my energy levels, I am less tired, and I can really notice the difference in my clothes.


It’s like a new mini-me.


It’s not just about exercise I find it’s the extra accountability and the unprecedented support from the other ladies really keeps me motivated.


Thank you so much to all of you at GWFL (especially Leon my coach). I owe you so much for finally helping me become the person I always wanted to be".

Dunstable Over 40&50s Program

DUNSTABLE 𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐑 40-50s Transformation Programme.




I'm searching for just 10 more local resisdents that:


✔  Starting from scratch (Low levels of fitness) 

✔ Willing to reintroduce exercise back lightly so that you can get to the goal safely. 


✔ Are in their 40-50s Looking to Slim Down & tone up... (especially around the stomach area)


✔ Live within 5-10 minutes of the Dunstable town centre.


✔Looking to change the way you look and feel, struggle with low energy every day, and the old you seem like a distant memory.


✔ Like the idea of being coached on how to get fit & more toned and having variety and fun with their workouts rather than turning up and doing the same thing each time.


✔Possibly looking for a non-intimidating studio where you can come and work out with other ladies of a similar age with similar goals.

What's Included 

Nutrition & Meal plans


Easy To Follow Food Plans - That Compliment The Exercise & Fast Track Results [so easy to prepare that a 10- year-old can do it]



Fun Workouts - That All Fitness Levels Can Enjoy that's 𝐋𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐭 on the body [targeting problem areas around the hips & tummy]

A non-intimidating fitness studio where you feel comfortable and work out with other ladies of a similar age with similar goals.



Starting a new fitness journey can be scary which is why our coaches are here to motivate you so that you feel like you can tackle the challenges together as a team.  

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'I wanna feel better about myself again'

This is about being a healthy, energetic, and the best version of ourselves


'The motivation is off the charts'

dunstable personal trainer

Weight loss isn't all about how you look in that dress or those jeans. It is about future-proofing your health and well-being so you can live a happy, mobile and healthy life.

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For every 1lb, you lose it takes 4lbs of pressure off your knees and a staggering 6lbs of pressure off your hips

Did you know? If you are 30lbs overweight you can expect an additional 120 pounds of pressure on your knees.

Being 30lbs overweight also means an additional and surprising 180 pounds of pressure on your hips!

personal training in dunstable

Building self-confidence





How clean will your equipment be?

We will still be cleaning our equipment in between sessions + hand sanitizer is available in our unit.
Plus everyone will be given their own set of freshly cleaned equipment on arrival and so no sharing will be necessary.

I am older will this work for me?

Absolutely. In fact some of my best clients are older because they understand the importance of looking after their health and having a team to coach and support them on there journey.

Q: I really want to start now, but I’m going away for a week with work, will I be able to start now and pause the program so I don’t miss out?


YES. Clients book holidays all the time, or something might have popped up or they might be away with work. We understand, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll simply pause the program for you at any time, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.


Q: Will I have to give up on my favourite foods like many other diets?


Absolutely not, you can still enjoy your favourite foods and still get amazing results. We don’t’ believe or promote short term fad diets, juicers or restrictive food plans simple because they are pointless.

Let’s sit down together and show you how you can map out a  nutrition plan that gets results around your favourite foods. So you have the clarity and the structure to get to your goal.

How do I sign up?


I would have to know a little bit more about your situation to see if what we have would be able to help you first 

Click 'Apply Now' or schedule a call to see if we could possibly help.

I really want to do this I’m just nervous and anxious.


We understand starting something new can be a scary process which is why take our time to get to know you first before you start so you feel confident and comfortable with every step. Our team is really welcoming and supportive, and they here to hold your hand so you don’t have to feel alone through this.

I am so unfit.

It’s okay everyone starts off from this point, we’ve worked with hundreds of people in the same boat. whether you are starting from scratch, not exercised in years, super unfit, before anyone starts our program, we make sure you have a full extensive consultation, so you feel confident with the whole process.

And then we sit down and plan out the steps to your journey so it doesn’t feel so daunting. And we have a supportive team here to take the weight off your shoulders.

I have an old injury and a few health issues will I be able to do this?

Our number one goal is the health of our clients, so before anyone starts the program, we spend a good 45 minutes finding out about you, health issues and injuries first.

Once we know everything about you, we can sit down together and map out everything with you so you're doing the right exercises for the right program so you can feel at ease. 

My partner would like to do this with me do you ladies only and men’s only?


I was determined to lose 1 stone for my